SaRoCy @ Schools

Within the context of SaRoCy the consortium thought best to disseminate the conducted research to school students (apart from the European Researchers Night) as it is an important aspect and factor of success in terms of making it more accessible and understandable to nonscientific audience.

The school visits were realized the soonest possible COVID measures allowed, therefore Phaedon Kyriakidis visited three gymnasiums in Cyprus, where he explained project’s scope, objectives as well as he made sure to showcase the results of the project on the possible pre-historic maritime connections between Cyprus and the mainland coasts. Towards the end of evaluating properly the school visits, HO researcher Mr. George Leventis created an online questionnaire that was given to school teachers to evaluate PI’s presentation. A copy of the questionnaire and the analysis of the answers as well is provided at the deliverable D9.