SaRoCy @ CAA 2022

Members of the SaRoCy consortium organized the special session entitled “Modeling maritime mobility: State-of-the-art and ways forward” at the distinguished conference of the Association of Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA) 2022 that took place in Oxford on 8-11 August.

Furthermore, during the SaRoCy special session the involved research staff presented the following 3 project’s research works:

  1. “SaRoCy: Delineating probable Sea Routes between Cyprus and its surrounding
    coastal areas at the start of the Holocene: discussing the archaeological evidence”
    Reepmeyer, Moutsiou, McCartney, Demesticha, Kassianidou, Bitsakaki, Kyriakidis and Bar-Yosef
  2. “Drift-induced versus directed-paddling-induced potential connectivity between
    Cyprus and its surrounding coastal areas at the onset of the Holocene”
    Leventis, Kyriakidis, Nikolaidis, Panagiotos, Akylas, Michailides, Moutsiou, Reepmeyer, Demesticha, Kassianidou, Zomeni, Bar-Yosef and Makovsky
  3. “Simulating prehistoric maritime mobility potential: Overview and challenges”
    Kyriakidis, Gravanis, Moutsiou, Reepmeyer, Chliaoutakis, Zervakis, Theodorou, Xoplaki, Montello and Sweeney

More details on the conference and the SaRoCy session can be found at this link.